Explain How The Structure Of DNA Enables The Molecule To Be Easily Transcribed

Explain how the structure of DNA enables the molecule to be easily transcribed. Why is this important for genetic information?

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melony82 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

 Each DNA molecule consists of two chains of nucleotides that connect to one another like a ladder.  Then, the whole molecule is twisted to form a double helix.  The connections between the two strands are formed between the nucleotides (A, T, C, and G).   A and T always bond to one another, as do C and G.

During transcription, the two chains are "unzipped" or separated to allow mRNA to form.  Transcription happens when the four bases of RNA (A, U, C, and G) bond to their DNA counterparts.  This works exactly the same as it does between the two strands of DNA.  The only difference is that since RNA does not have the T base, it uses U instead.  

The reason that the ease and accuracy of this process is so important to genetic information is that without accurate copies of the DNA, proteins would either be improperly assembled or not at all. No organism could survive without the proper proteins.

elliesmith1313 | Student

^ I meant DNA instead of RNA

elliesmith1313 | Student

RNA is easily transcribed because it is double stranded. Also the same nitrogenous bases always match up. This is important for genetic information because if it wasn't easy to transcribe then accurate DNA stands containing genetic material wouldn't be able to be copied and given the the cells.