Explain how the structure of James Cameron's Titanic developed the enjoyment of the audience.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most basic items that is overlooked about Cameron's film is that it tells one heck of a story.  It is able to accomplish this in a couple of ways.  Like all good stories, there is an exposition that "hooks" the audience.  The opening descent into the ocean for the wreckage of the boat, as well as the establishment of Rose as an old woman who has a story to tell are elements that help to enhance the enjoyment of the audience.  Cameron is able to use the modern day, clinical understanding of the computer generated sinking of the boat to move into the elder Rose's story.  Once Rose is present, Cameron is able to pivot his story into a frame story.  Like the modern day crew, the audience is hooked into the story.  Cameron is able to parallel the love of Rose and Jack with the story of the boat and its sinking.  Without even realizing it to an extent, the audience ends up finding itself enjoying one or both elements.  It is here where Cameron is able to engage the audience with the love story of Jack and Rose and/ or the narrative of the boat.  At the same time, Cameron is able to introduce the side characters such as Mr. Andrews, the Captain, Cal Hockley, or the other forces that are seen at different points and all must face the sinking of the vessel in different manners.  In this, the enjoyment of the audience is heightened as the historical events of the sinking are merged with an individual appreciation of the people who endured it.