Explain how Squeaky's views on success change throughout "Raymond's Run."

In "Raymond's Run," Squeaky's views of success change from focusing only on how she can be better than everybody else to how she can help Raymond become more successful.

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Squeaky is wonderfully competitive individual. She has great athletic talent; however, what makes Squeaky fantastic is that despite her natural abilities, she knows that she has to work hard at fine-tuning those skills to become better and better. She is a driven athlete and fierce competitor. I've been coaching high school sports for nearly two decades, and Squeaky is the kind of athlete that myself and other coaches like to work with. With that said, Squeaky is not without potential problems. One such problem is her very narrow view of success. Squeaky is entirely focused on herself. Winning is everything to her.

But once I spread my fingers in the dirt and crouch over the Get on Your Mark, the dream goes and I am solid again and am telling myself, Squeaky you must win, you must win, you are the fastest thing in the world, you can even beat your father up Amsterdam if you really try.

Winning is a great goal, but Squeaky's problem is that her only goal is her own victories. She's focused on her own glories, and she likes it that everybody applauds her.

Then all the kids standing on the side pile on me, banging me on the back and slapping my head with their May Day programs, for I have won again and everybody on 151st Street can walk tall for another year.

Squeaky wins the race again, but the story ends with Squeaky having changed. She realized that Raymond is also a solid athlete and runner. She realizes that she can take her knowledge and drive and pour it into someone other than herself. Squeaky realizes that she can still be a great success by helping someone else become more successful, and that gives me hope that Squeaky will one day be as great of a coach as she is an athlete.

I can always retire as a runner and begin a whole new career as a coach with Raymond as my champion.

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