Explain what the sentences below reveal about male sex roles. 'Corridors, doors, potted palms. Past them, the man ran. People blurred by but he saw those black eyes on him and he wondered who he was a day ago.'

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This would be easier to do with some context, but from what little we have here, we can say that these sentences show that men are supposed to be physically tough.

The man has black eyes.  That implies that he has been fighting, which is a manly thing to do.  Something traumatic has happened to him to the point where he doesn't even (apparently) know who he is.  But because he is a man, he just keeps going.  He is not sitting down to worry about who he is or what he will do next.  Because he is a man, he just moves ahead and deals with life as he finds it.  These sentences, we can argue, show that men are physically and mentally tough and resilient.


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