Explain how Santiago's union with Fatima represents the language of the world in Coelho's The Alchemist.

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The relationship between Santiago and Fatima in The Alchemist presents the argument that the one universal language is love itself, which transcends culture, place, and time. Santiago and Fatima know they love one another at first glance, and their love is presented as more than mere desire or infatuation; their love is unselfish and mature.

Santiago is the more impetuous of the two and insists on staying with Fatima at the expense of his "Personal Legend," a central concept in the novel closely related to a life's-pursuit or destiny (refer to link for full definition). However, Fatima agrees to wait for Santiago to complete his quest because she loves him and knows he loves her. She wants him to fulfill his dreams, and she is content to put their marriage on hold so Santiago can pursue his Personal Legend. She trusts in the omens that have led them to one another.

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