Journey Across Time: The Early Ages Questions and Answers
by Jackson Spielvogel

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Explain how Rome gradually defeated the Carthaginians?

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I would like to give you dates that will help you to understand the topic a bit more clearly. There were three Punic Wars. The first began in 264 B.C. and lasted about twenty three years. It turned into a struggle for who controlled Sicily and by the end of the first Punic war all of Sicily was given to Rome except what was ruled by the king of Syracuse.

The second Punic War began in 218 B.C. and lasted for seventeen years. The goal of this war was to break political ties that Rome had established with its allies. The Carthaginian named Hannibal is very famous in this war.

The third Punic War began in 149 B.C. and lasted for approximately three years. Carthage ended up completely destroyed during this war.

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It seems likely that your text has specific answers that you should use, so please check your text.

But generally, the three Punic Wars were won like this:

  1. The First Punic War was won by the Romans creating a navy that was strong enough to take away the Carthaginians' control of the sea.
  2. The Second Punic War was won by invading Africa, thus making Hannibal withdraw his forces from Italy to go fight in Africa.
  3. The Third Punic War was won because Rome was just a lot stronger.

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