Explain how the of the RN differs in the clinic setting from that in the hospital.

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The roles of a registered nurse generally differ based on the location where he/she is functioning. Clinic setting is different from a hospital setting in terms of mode of attendance to the patients. 

A clinic generally is a small establishment where the doctor is not always present (or short span of time) and examines the patients, prescribes medicines and give additional instructions. On the other hand, a hospital is a large establishment with a 24-hour service where patients are admitted, examined and treated for various diseases. Doctors should always be available anytime.

Seeing this, we can see that the duties of nurse already differ. Clinic settings are more limited compared to the hospital setting. Clinics addresses minor medical attention compared to hospital. Another important fact is that in clinic settings there are less (or no to the extent) beds for patient to lie whereas hospital setting has many beds for patients. 

In clinic setting, the nurse:

- manages the daily operations of the clinic
- checks the emergency kit
- checks the instruments, stocks and medicines in good condition
- encourages physical fitness awareness, medical counselling and awareness activities
- assists physicians during diagnosis
- ensures that the patients understands the instruction
- gives non-prescription medicine and instruction for consumption

In hospital setting, the nurse:

- attends the needs of the patients
- checks patients from room to room, making sure that the patients feel comfortable in the hospital
- (if head nurse) supervise the over-all duties of nurses and nursing assistants
- gives information to the family of the patient
- adjusts with changes of schedule, accidents and other unfavorable conditions since the hospitals are available for 24 hours