Religious Experience

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Explain how religious experience can assist with personal transformation.

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Religious experience can assist in personal transformation in a couple of ways.  The exact definitions and parameters of religious experience are varying in terms of language and meaning, but the essence is that someone has undergone something that is not everyday.  Yet, the interesting element is that while the religious experience is not an everyday occurrence, the effects of the religious experience last everyday with the individual. This means that personal transformation can be assisted, if not initiated, by religious experience because the individual has undergone something that is life- altering.  Something in their own individual consciousness has been altered and this alteration is permanent or seismic in its scope.  Given this magnitude, personal transformation is possible and realistic after a religious experience.  In the religious experience, the idea of personal change is constructed in accordance to what was experienced.  One cannot undergo a religious experience and not see it in its personal dimensions through which how one lives life and conducts themselves on a daily basis.  Presumably, if the religious experience was a valid one, then daily life must be modeled in accordance to it and religious experience becomes the vehicle by which personal transformation is realized.

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