Explain how Real Estate Brochures of Listings are formatted and what they contain.Research how this print product presently exists. What do they contain? How are they formatted?

Expert Answers
fernholz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Recently I've been looking for houses and the most efficient way that they can organize a website or brochure is by price. They need to include pictures. Websites are a great way to advertise real estate, because it allows the viewer to see a virtual tour of the house. A website also has the capabilities to narrow the search, whereas a brochure might overwhelm buyers with too many options, many that are out of the client's price range.

Another feature a brochure or website needs is the contact information. If a brochure is available and the real estate company also has a website, that should be listed. With websites they need to be updated in a timely manner-prices change, houses are sold, etc.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree that the web is better than a brochure, except not everyone has the web available when searching.  With smartphones and ipads, there are more people that can actually look on the web site and find the house though.  For others, a brochure is useful.

In general, the web site or brochure needs to have a clear picture of the outside of the house, the address, the price, and basic information such as the square footage, number of rooms, and upgrades.  On the web you can also add links to more detailed information and more pictures.  There are even self-guided web tours.