How does the plot of the Richard Connell short story "The Most Dangerous Game" involves conflict between two men; between a person and nature; and between two different views of life?

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Obviously, the Richard Conell story "The Most Dangerous Game" shows conflict between man and nature. The first major conflict of this type is when Rainsford falls over the yaht railing into the sea. He must battle the sea in his effort to reach land. Man versus nature also occurs as Rainsford must battle the geography and landscape of an island with which he is not familiar. The greater conflict, however, is man versus man because Rainsford finds himself fighting not only against General Zaroff but also Zaroff's twisted personal philosophy. Zaroff turns Rainsford the hunter into the hunted. Zaroff's personal philosophy that this is okay because he is bored, and that human animals are much more challenging, is abhorrent to Rainsford. However, there is some irony because this is the attitude Rainsford had in the beginning about the animals which he hunts.

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