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Explain how the Peruvian panpipe ensembles in Latin America represent how their society functions. Are there ensembles that represent American culture or society?

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If you look at the Peruvian panpipe, the pipes are of different lengths but tightly tied together.  When a group performs with the panpipe, they must function together as tightly as the pipe is tied, or the music is discordant.  The pipe is much like Peruvian society where each part functions as a whole producing the stable society Peru has been.  Everyone who is part of the group is conscious of the rest of the group to produce the Andean music so beloved by the people as well as everyone doing their part in society as well.  American society is more like a rock band as each member does function as part of the band, but the few who are the best are featured in the music.  For example, in the band The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger is a feature far beyond most lead singers.  American society tends to reward the stars, and simply count on the ordinary players to support the rest of society.  Sometimes the people who play the ordinary roles which are so necessary get forgotten in American society. 

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