How is our society impacted by globalization?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Different societies are affected in different ways by globalization.  I will answer this from the perspective of the society of the United States.  US society is impacted by globalization in many ways, both good and bad.

Perhaps the most important impacts of globalization on US society are economic.  The most commonly discussed impacts of globalization on our society are negative.  These are the jobs that are lost as things that were once manufactured in the US come to be produced elsewhere.  However, this is not the only impact that globalization has on the US.  American consumers are helped by globalization.  Globalization allows products to be made much more cheaply.  This gives Americans a higher standard of living as they can afford more goods and services.

Globalization also has an impact on our culture.  One very high profile example of this is the recent popularity of the Korean song “Gangnam Style.”  Prior to globalization, Americans would likely never have heard of this song.  We are also impacted in the area of sports.  Globalization has allowed many foreigners to play in the National Basketball Association, for example.  It has also led to a situation where many Americans are fans of certain European soccer teams.

In these ways, globalization has affected us both economically and culturally.