Explain how Orlando's wrestling match with Charles creates big problems for him in As You Like It.William Shakespeare

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Orlando creates several problems for himself by wrestling Charles. Charles is the champion wrestler in the service of Duke Frederick, who takes great pride in his champion who remains undefeated. Orlando's brother Oliver despises Orlando and wants him dead. When Oliver learns that Orlando plans to challenge the undefeated Charles in a public wrestling match. Oliver (the wicked brother) plots with Charles to break Orlando's neck during the match. When Orlando actually defeats Charles in the wrestling match, all the problems erupt.

First, Oliver, who has had a taste of the thought of Orlando's death, is determined to find a way to actualize the deed and bring about Orlando's death. Duke Frederick is infuriated (really angry) that his champion has been defeated. Then--Duke Frederick learns that Orlando is the son of his sworn enemy, the deceased Sir Rowland de Boys, and the Duke determines to put an end to Orlando. Orlando's one consolation is that Rosalind saw the wrestling match and gave him a necklace from around her own neck as a prize for his courageous victory.

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