Explain how "Animal Farm's" minor characters (e.g. Mollie or Moses) illuminates one of Orwell's major themes and issues.

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mollie is a self-centered, vain mare who only really cares for the luxuries of life. She is happy when she has sugar lumps to chew and ribbons for her mane. However, hard work is not on her agenda. She leaves Animal Farm after the revolution. Mollie represents those who care more about material possessions than freedom. Moses represents religion. He is given special treatment by the pigs who allow him to preach about Sugarcandy Mountain because it takes the animals minds off the hard work."Like Lenin, who proclaimed religion was the opiate of the people, Orwell sees
organized religion as another corruptible institution which serves to keep the masses tranquil."