Explain how The Namesake is in the Bildungsroman genre. Does the genre definition apply to the development of the boy Gogol or to the struggles of the father Ashoke?

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A bildungsroman is a narrative that tells the story of the protagonist's coming-of-age process. The novel will typically show the protagonist growing up both physically and psychologically. Often, a key event in the narrative will spark the character's maturation.

Strictly speaking, a bildungsroman is about a young person's evolution into a mature adult, so the term is better applied to Gogol in The Namesake . The novel actually follows Gogol from birth to adulthood. The story opens by recounting Ashima's and Ashoke's (Gogol's parents) experience as he is born and they must name him. They are following their Indian tradition by waiting on a letter from Ashima's grandmother. However, the letter and the name never arrive. They must name the baby before taking him home from the hospital, so Ashoke suggests the name of his favorite author, Gogol. We also learn that the author Gogol is so precious to Ashoke because Ashoke nearly died in a train accident in India and credits his survival to reading...

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