Explain how Moses demonstrated the titles of Founding Father of Israelites, Prophet and Lawgiver

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Moses was not much of a "Founding Father" figure to the Israelites for they had already claimed direct descent from Jacob (Israel) and even further up, Abraham long before Moses came along.  However, Israelites did not become, in a sense, Israelites until they were lead out of Egypt to the Promised Land to set up their own tribes; and of course, this was due to Moses.  Abraham started the main bloodlines of Religion on Earth, Jacob was the start of the Israelites, but Moses was the start of Israel (the political state).  If it was not for Moses, then the Israelites would simply have been a faction within Egypt that would have eventually died out or lost its cultural identity.

"Prophet" is a hard word to define because everyone has a different meaning for the word.  If you define 'prophet' as one who communicates with a divine being, then Moses was indeed a true prophet.  God spoke to Moses as a burning bush and told him to free the Israelites.  During the Exodus, Moses called upon God's power to part the Red Sea (and one might even say that this Divine Power was acting through Moses).  Most importantly, when the Israelites inhabited the land of Sinai for 40 years, Moses frequently climbed to the top of Mount Sinai to speak face-to-face with Yahweh.  These encounters on Mount Sinai bring us to the last title.

Moses was one of the most famous Lawgivers of all time.  In fact, one might say that all fundamental laws obeyed by our society to this day are formulated after The Ten Commandments of Moses.  Upon the summit of Mount Sinai Moses received the Law of God in the form of Ten Commandments; Commandments carved on stone tablets which were designed for a civilized society.  Much like how the God Shamash of Mesopotamia bestowed upon Hammurabi a code of laws, Yahweh is said to have dictated the Commandments personally to Moses.  Much like Hammurabi, Moses then became the chief law enforcement for God among the Israelite encampment. 


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