What are Mitch's 2 overwhelming desires during his acquaintance with Morrie in Tuesday's with Morrie?Explain how Mitch and Morrie react when they first meet at Brandeis.

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I shall start with the second question which you asked. Morrie was Mitch's professor in college. He was Mitch's favorite teacher. Morrie was the kind of teacher who tried to make a difference for his students. He had even been known to have given his male students As one semester to keep them deferred from entering the military during the Vietnam War. Morrie is somewhat of a slob when he eats and gets food on the outside of his mouth.

Mitch says that the two overwhelming desires he has are to "hug him and to give him a napkin."(31)

I could not find any reference to Mitch meeting Morrie at Brandies. I know there first reunion occurred at Connie's and Morries home. Mitch found Morrie in a wheel chair. Mitch was nervous because he felt like he had abandoned his friend. However, Morrie greeted him with so much love that time and the past became irrelevant.