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Explain how a millipede's body shape, colour, and many appendages make it suitable for a leaf litter habitat. just reasons why those feautures help it.

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These tiny Arthropod organisms belonging to Class Diplopoda and their name means a thousand legs. This is a misnomer as they do not have one thousand legs. However, they definitely have lots of legs. These legs are designed to push them through soil and vegetative litter. Their many legs makes them slow but capable of burrowing, by forcing their body into the soil--head first. Their segmented sections allow them to move in a wavelike motion. There are two pairs per body segment.Their body is elongated and cylindrical, they live in soil and are nocturnal. When threatened they can curl into a tight ball, can emit poisonous compounds through their skin and some can shoot a noxious compound into attacker's eyes. They are detritivores and eat the leaf litter. They have mandibles that allow them to chew their food. Their dark color allows them to blend into their surroundings very well. These tiny creatures are an important part of the environment.

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