Explain how management is a universal function in all human activities.

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Management is a universal function in all human activities and our brain is the manager. Every simple activity that we do is a culmination of a number of steps taken in an organized manner. For example, a simple activity like typing an email requires a number of activities. Our brain thinks what we have to write, the signals are sent to our eyes to check what we write and to our hands to type. The adequate amount of energy will be used by fingers to type, eyes to read and brain to verify the content. Without the simultaneous management of these operations (and a large number of other minor simultaneous operations), the successful execution will not be possible. When we eat, we manage the quantity of food we eat as a whole and in every bite; the rate or velocity of food ingestion is also managed.

Basically all human functions and activities are a management of our resources (body, energy, etc.).