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Explain how in Latin America, the Peruvian panpipe ensembles represent how their society functions as a whole. Are there ensembles that represent our society?

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If you look at the Peruvian panpipe, the pipes are of different lengths and tightly tied to each other.  The ensembles play together just as tightly with each person playing in complement with the others.  Each player knows the role everyone is required to play to produce the Andean music so beloved by the Peruvians.  Society functions the same way with each doing their part to contribute to the whole which keeps their country successful in Latin America which often has political strife.  In this country, a dysfunctional rock band would be more like our society with each person playing a different instrument, some playing a more prominent role with others playing in the background.  Attention is paid to those out front displaying their individual talents, often at odds with each other over who is better, while the background players, who are just as necessary to help create the music, are often ignored or are interchangeable with a different musician. Our society forgets that the "little" people, the ordinary people, are the backbone on which this society sustains itself, which can be much like a dysfunctional rock band.

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