Explain how the Industrial Revolution was a blessing.Explain how the Industrial Revolution was a blessing.

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The Industrial Revolution added all manner of consumer goods to the array of things consumers could choose to buy, and made them cheaper than they could have possibly been manufactured before.  The new technology that accompanied the IR also had spinoff benefits in everything from medicine to transportation to food supply that made life for ordinary Americans better.  It also provided hundreds of thousands of jobs and brought some of the brightest individuals to the United States as immigrants.

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The Industrial Revolution popularized the idea of progress, in all forms. Social progress, economic progress, and technological progress were all on the forefront. People wanted the next new thing, whatever it was. Mass production made it possible for them to get it. It definitely created the consumer economy.
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Prior to the Industrial Revolution, there was little hope for the poor to elevate their station in life.  But with the creation of industry, many found jobs in factories and mills.  As they attained some financial success, people were able to become somewhat upwardly mobile.

Certainly, machinery has saved people much time and labor.  Of course, the United States prospered as a great industrial nation, although in contemporary times it has lost much of its industry in its eagerness to have cheap labor.

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The various scientific advances that came along as part of the Industrial Revolution clearly were a blessing to many in society, transforming the lives of many individuals and allowing much more opportunities for travel and the earning of money. I agree with #2 in his assertion that the Industrial Revolution resulted in the emergence of the middle class as a powerful body in society, thus showing how the Revolution had improved the lives of many.

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One blessing of the Industrial Revolution would lie in the fact that wealth increased during it.  The efficiency and development of means of mass production transformed much in way of developing and producing goods and services for individuals throughout a given setting.  Individuals became surprised at how much could be produced in a short amount of time.  The emergence of technology in this time period not only facilitated such growth, but also transformed daily life.  The use of energy sources such as steam became common place technology along with other innovations such as the Spinning Jenny, used to enhance textile production.  Yet, in the end, it was the emergence of wealth, or capital, that ended up being the most impressive element regarding the Industrial Revolution.  The increase in wealthy individuals was a skyrocketing reality during this time.  The factory system along with the emergence of capitalism as a real and viable economic order helped to make more people more wealthy. At the same time, I think that the emergence of the middle class also became a feature during the Industrial Revolution, making it a blessing to many.

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