Explain how the Industrial Revolution changed the way Americans lived and worked. 

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The Industrial Revolution in the United States transformed the American culture in many ways. The United States became an urban civilization as farmers and immigrants moved to cities to secure work in the factories. Women left the home or their work as domestic servants to work in the textile factories. Children were also employed in factories in large numbers. Industrialism resulted in lower cost and greater variety of consumer goods available for purchase.

With the increase in goods that was caused by industrialism, transportation systems were developed to easily move product. At first, it was the river and canal systems, but later the railroads that were utilized to move goods. The result of the improved transportation system is that it made the country seem smaller and created greater cultural cohesion between different regions of the United States. In addition to transportation, communication systems were improved with the telegraph and later the telephone.

The Industrial Revolution also changed the social class system of the United States. It created a great wealth gap between the workers and the industrialists. Despite this income gap, it did create opportunities for social mobility as a new middle class slowly emerged. This occurred as demand for bankers, managers, and teachers increased because of the factory system.

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