Explain how industrial development impacted the way people worked and lived.

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The Industrial Revolution forever changed how individuals approached work. Rather than primarily working in small business and shop settings, individuals were suddenly flocking to large factories which had been created to meet the demands of booming industries.

Mass-production, the result of technological development, created new opportunities for work that did not necessitate skilled laborers. Unfortunately, the conditions in the factories in which these jobs were housed were often miserable. Employers, who were suddenly in charge of an enormous work force, were not mindful of their employees. Machinery used for production was often dangerous and could severely maim or even kill workers who were careless or made mistakes. Alternatively, they were often simply the victims of equipment malfunctions. Long working hours late into the night with few to no breaks served as the new standard now that electricity was present in the workplace. 

Low wages also drastically decreased the quality of life and resulted in the rise of child labor so that families could afford to survive. As people migrated from rural areas into the hubs of production, urbanization spread. Rather than living in respectable households, workers took up residency in places that were crowded and had poor sanitary conditions. The subsequent rising poverty triggered a drop in the dietary health of those toiling all day. 

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