In Mother Night, explain how Howard Campbell is confused, distressed and "without a country" and list one quote for each characteristic.

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Howard Campbell is an American author and playwright, who is recruited to serve as an anonymous double-agent during WWII. He is to secretly broadcast useful information to the Allies, while openly serving the Nazis. 

Campbell felt no calling of anywhere that was home to him. He felt torn between what he was doing. He was serving the Allies in secret, yet in the public he was spewing evil and all the Nazi followers believed everything he was saying. He felt he had two different personalities, and they weighed on him heavily. He was confused by the way he felt. He knew what he was doing was supposed to be helping the good guys, but everything he was saying was in fact fueling the fire for the Nazis. The respect he felt from the Germans distressed him greatly. He didn't want to think he was actually a part of them, yet he was. He was distressed because he was not allowed to be his authentic self because he wore different masks all the time. He stated "he was American by birth, a Nazi by reputation and a nation less person by inclination." By this statement it is clear that he felt he belonged no where. There was no place he could call home anymore. He was also confused when he stated "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." He was living two different lives, and he was confused about where he fit in either one of them. He was confused and distressed by what he had done during the war. He was fighting an inner battle. His quote "A very good me, the real me, a me made in heaven, is hidden deep inside." He struggled with what he had done. 

At the end of the story we see that he was without a country. He as in jail for his trial on war crime, and he felt no inclination to be free and go "home". He felt he had no home and no country to go to. His last statement sums up how he felt about this "So I am about to be a free man again, to wander where I please. I find this prospect nauseating. I think that tonight I will hang Howard W. Campbell Jr, for crimes against himself."

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