Explain how Homer's growing sense of identity led him to building rockets.

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Homer's growing sense of identity is what gives him the courage to buck the trend of what is present in Coalwood and envision a possibility of what can be in his life.  Homer develops a sense of strength about his own identity, embracing his difference from those who either work in the mine or play sports.  Homer's growth in his identity comes from being able to define himself from people like his brother and father in a distinct manner.  Homer embraces his differences, his perspective on the world, and his place in it. Through this, Homer is able to do what he loves.

While Homer is able to enjoy the benefit of his teachers and his colleagues who support him and share in his passion for building rockets, it is his growing sense of identity and faith in himself that enables him to pursue his dreams of rocket building.  Homer's identity grows with each trial, convinced that this is his calling.  In the process, Homer finds his voice and that which he loves.

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