Explain how greed appears in The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Hedda Gabler.

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Hedda Gabler, there are several different types of greed. George Tesman, Hedda's husband, and Eilert Løvborg are greedy for a certain type of esteem as writers and scholars and for greatness in their fields. Tesman is also greedy for social standing. The central conflict of the play is the men's competition over esteem and prestige. Hedda herself is greedy for several things: the lifestyle she feels is her due because of her birth, the admiration of men, and self-determination. This brings her into conflict with her husband and with Thea Elvsted, who is greedy for her role as a muse and inspiration to Løvborg. Judge Brack's main form of greed is lust.

Ivan Ilyich is a character primarily motivated by greed for material goods and power. His marriage and his career are focused on attaining these, and it is not until he becomes ill that he realizes that his pursuit of material goods has not brought him happiness. Praskovya Fyodorovna, his wife, is also more concerned about her husband's salary and pension than about him as a person—she also illustrates that greedy people live unhappy lives.