Explain how the actors in Titanic contributed to the enjoyment of the audience.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The acting of DiCaprio and Winselt was excellent in Cameron's film.  For the most part, they really carry the audience's attention in terms of their youthful exuberance, chemistry, and conveying the feelings that the audience members might themselves feel while being on the cursed vessel.  To a large extent in order for the film to work on the level of audience enjoyment, the acting of the main couple has to work because we see so much about the sinking of the boat through their eyes.  If we, as audience members, don't really buy them, the entire purchase of the recreation of that night will be in doubt.  To this extent, the acting of the main couple has to be strong, and it is.  Yet, I would suggest that the acting of the side characters is what really drives the film and enhances the audience's enjoyment.  Consider the acting of Victor Garber and Bernard Hill, as the ship's architect and captain, respectively.  They were discharged with bringing out the compelling and persuasive elements of the responsibility of the boat's construction and representative of its destruction.  Garber's laments of "wishing to build a stronger boat" and Hill's stoic depiction of the captain who goes down with his ship are both incredibly powerful.  The acting of Frances Fisher and Billy Zane as the elements of society that Rose must repel also contribute to the audience's enjoyment as they help to enhance the idea of serving as depictions that would drive any reasonable person away from such a reality.  In this, one can see how Cameron was able to ensure that his actors were able to convey both the enjoyment in the film as well as the historical appreciation for what was being witnessed.