Explain how ethical choices influenced the decision making of public administrators in recent times.

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Many decisions are ethical ones. Recently, the government made many decisions, which were deeply ethical. Perhaps the two most important ethical decisions were the decisions to go to war and to bail out banks and companies. 

When the United States went into the Middle East, it was partially due to ethics. Many decision makers in America believe that the best form of government is democracy. This might be so, but it is also a matter of opinion, as not all nations agree. In light of this, the desire to have other nations have free elections is partially an ethical decision. 

Similarly, when the Federal Bank in conjunction with the government bailed out banks, it was an ethical choice as well. They could have let these banks go bankrupt, as well as a few other companies. These bankruptcies would have caused a collapse of the financial system as we know it and nearly did the Bear Sterns failure, a situation saved through the take-over of Bear Sterns by JP Morgan. Ethics was involved in this Fed financial decision.