explain how the era's (of ww1) cultural changes affected women and african americans? 

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During World War I, there were many changes that were on the verge of taking place in the U.S.  For example, the women's liberation movement had really heated up inside the country prior to the war.  Montana had become the first state to allow for women's suffrage, and President Woodrow Wilson was seriously entertaining the notion of tackling the issue at the federal level... However, with the Luisitania tragedy and other precipitious events led the federal government to shift focus toward the war.  That said, there are many changes to how both females and minorities were viewed in World War I.  First, in the army, units were still largely segregated; however, in the naval force, it was not practical to segregate the troops... This, I believe, led to more association among the races (granted a small step; but it had to begin somewhere).  For women, this war was one of change in that those that were left behind in the country had to make their first mass movement into the workplace (outside of the home).  For those who went abroad, they were not allowed to serve in the military as of yet... however, that didn't mean they couldn't work for the military... in several vital positions such as nurses, switchboard operators, even a few cargo drivers.

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