Explain how the English colonies became the most populous and powerful region in North America by 1700.

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The different European ventures in North America all had some success by the mid-1600s. The Dutch were a major maritime power that had substantial trading success, but they lacked numbers, and this allowed the English to squeeze them out of New York, which had been New Amsterdam until 1664. For more on New Netherlands and New Amsterdam, see the first link below. The Dutch and the French both focused almost exclusively on commercial ventures, treating the natives as allies and trading partners, and had few colonists.

The Spaniards had some dramatic successes in the Americas, starting with the voyages of Columbus in the 1490s and 1500s, but they did not focus on North America. They conquered two major empires, the Aztec and the Inca in Central and South America, respectively, and established New Spain. They had larger numbers of colonists than the Dutch and the French, but success in North America was limited. The settlement of Florida was tenuous. Harsh policies in what is today New...

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