Explain how is "Diving into the Wreck clearly an allegory"?

Expert Answers
kmcappello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Are you referencing Adrienne Rich's poem, "Diving Into the Wreck?" If so, I can help.  An allegory is basically a story about one thing which actually symbolizes something else.  Myths, which Rich speaks about in her poem, are a type of allegory.  For instance, the myth of Persephone descending into the underworld is used to explain the seasons.

One a literal level, the poem describes a scuba diver exploring a sunken wreck of a ship.  But allegorically, it means something very different.  The "wreck" can be read as an emotional or psychological trauma, something which has been buried, or "sunken" in one's psyche for a very long time.  By exploring this past trauma, the speaker comes to understand herself and her past much more completely than by simply reading the "myth" of her life.

First, yes, it's Adrienne Rich's poem.
Second, Thank you sooo much for your help. The answer is almost what I need.