Explain how is "Diving into the Wreck clearly an allegory"?

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Are you referencing Adrienne Rich's poem, "Diving Into the Wreck?" If so, I can help.  An allegory is basically a story about one thing which actually symbolizes something else.  Myths, which Rich speaks about in her poem, are a type of allegory.  For instance, the myth of Persephone descending into the underworld is used to explain the seasons.

One a literal level, the poem describes a scuba diver exploring a sunken wreck of a ship.  But allegorically, it means something very different.  The "wreck" can be read as an emotional or psychological trauma, something which has been buried, or "sunken" in one's psyche for a very long time.  By exploring this past trauma, the speaker comes to understand herself and her past much more completely than by simply reading the "myth" of her life.

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First, yes, it's Adrienne Rich's poem.
Second, Thank you sooo much for your help. The answer is almost what I need. 


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