Tamburlaine the Great Questions and Answers
by Christopher Marlowe

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Explain how the divine rights of king and the chain of being are applied in Tamburlaine the Great? I need a detailed answer with quotes from the play please.  

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The divine right of kings is the doctrine which holds that kings are subject to no authority on earth. Instead, their right to rule is derived directly from the will of God, and only God can judge an unfit ruler. Interestingly, however, Asian kings believed that the Mandate of Heaven was dependent on the behavior of the ruler.

Christopher Marlowe's character Tamburlaine certainly conquers all with an insatiable desire for power as he 

Threaten[s] the world with high astounding terms,
And scourg[es] kingdoms with his conquering sword. (Prologue)

He begins his conquests with Persia, overthrowing the king Mycetes and capturing Zenocrate, an Egyptian princess, to whom he declares his love. Before this, Tamburlaine prepares to go into battle, declaring to...

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