Explain how Cyrano de Bergerac represents French cinema at its era. What social phenomenon does the film reflect (what theme/main idea is being delivered by the film)?  

Jean-Paul Rappeneau's 1990 film Cyrano de Bergerac represents French cinema of the time in its turn towards the big-budget mainstream and its carefully faithful recreation of Rostand's drama. Its central themes include the tragedy of life and the unimportance of physical appearances.

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There have been several film versions of Cyrano de Bergerac, but by far the most influential and artistically significant is the 1990 production directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau and starring Gerard Depardieu. This is the first color version of the film and received many accolades, including a Golden Globe.

During this period, French cinema became more mainstream and entered into direct competition with Hollywood. There was a trend towards big-budget productions and faithful adaptations of the classics. All these trends are evident in Cyrano de Bergerac. Depardieu, who had gained a reputation for ironic, satirical performances, played the lead in an unusually straightforward manner, emphasizing his innocence and nobility. Although French is the language of the film, unusual attention was paid to the English subtitles, which are based on a translation by Anthony Burgess.

The film includes several major themes. One is what Miguel de Unamuno, the Spanish philosopher, called "the tragic sense of life," a central idea in the European psyche. Although the film contains many elements of comedy, it is ultimately about the impossibility of happiness. Roxane only realizes that she loves Cyrano as he is dying. The film also preserves and presents the major themes of Rostand's play, the most prominent of which is the unimportance of physical appearance and the amount of time people spend needlessly worrying about it, since this is the reason why Cyrano never declares his love for Roxane.

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