Explain how The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an example of an allegory.

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tjbrewer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Crucible, was written in the midst of a political witchhunt popularly known as the second Red Scare.  Many Marxist ideas had become very popular, and fear of this Marxism taking hold and leading to Socialism in America was greatly feared, fueled in large part by McCarthyism.  The House Committee on UnAmerican activities and other political instruments were created, looking to find and eradicate Marxist ideas in Pop culture. 

The Crucibletook the infamous witchhunt from 18th century Salem Massachusettes and its initial release paralleled the witchhunt of the Red Scare.  It was Arthur Miller's hope that audiences would recognize the parallels and exert the influence of their votes to stop the witchhunt.