Explain how the Cold War affects democracy that the Greeks introduced. Tell the different viewpoints of the Cold War and the justification behind each sides point of view 

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The Cold War was a competition between two competing ideologies. The communists, led by the Soviet Union, proposed that capitalism exploited the lower class working citizens and that wealth should be distributed more evenly amongst the people. On the other hand, capitalist democracies believed that redistributing wealth was a violation of personal liberties and that capitalism was the truest form of freedom. The capitalist agenda was led by the United States and her allies.

The democracy that was introduced at Athens had been long dead by the time of the Cold War. What replaced it was the representative democracy in which citizens elect officials to make decisions for them. Moving forward in this essay, we will address representative democracy as "democracy." Democracy was threatened by the Cold War on two levels. First, the influences of the military and large corporations that produced defense systems were very evident on the American government and its democracy. President Dwight D. Eisenhower called this mechanism the Military-Industrial Complex and warned against it becoming too powerful in government. The Military-Industrial Complex benefited from the specter of conflict that the Cold War fostered.

Secondly, in an effort to stop the spread of communism to new countries, the United States made decisions that undermined democracy in the world. It supported dictatorships that crushed democracy in their countries, often by brutal force. For its part, the Soviet Union created satellite countries from nations that were previously representative in nature.

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