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Explain how coal is formed. What are some waste products and adverse effects of burning coal?

Coal is a fossil fuel and is made by decay of plant materials that were buried in the Earth's subsurface millions of years ago. It is primarily used for electricity generation and the waste products include carbon dioxide and fly ash. CO2 is a greenhouse gas and causes global warming. The health effects of coal combustion include asthma, cancer, etc.

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Coal is a fossil fuel and is extracted from the subsurface by different types of mining techniques. Plant residues, buried in Earth's subsurface millions of years ago, get converted to coal by the action of pressure and heat. Coal has been used primarily as a fuel source; that is, it is burned to generate heat, which is used for various activities. Some examples include combustion engines (in trains), for-electricity generation in coal-based thermal power stations, and more.

The primary reason for burning coal in the United...

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