Explain how canada would be differnt if the king had never given Ruperts land to the Hudson bay company. Who would have been affected, how would their lives be different?

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In 1670, the Hudson Bay Company was granted a charter by King Charles II, giving it a trading monopoly over all the waterways that flowed into the Hudson Bay. Had the HBC no received this land grant, which became known as Rupert’s Land after Prince Rupert of the Rhine, one could surmise that Canada’s history would be very different today.

Since the HBC drew on the local populace to hunt for furs, it isn’t too far fetched an idea that many of these workers would have eventually moved on. Since many of the workers were indigenous or Metis workers, the entire cultural landscape of Canada today might be very different.

Partly because of the regions fur wealth, the U.S. began becoming interested in St. Paul, and eventually this part of Minnesota was taken in the Red River Land Deal between the U.S. and Canada. If the HBC had not exposed the areas potential wealth it is possible the U.S. would never have gotten interested and the current boundaries of the U.S. and Canada would be very different.

The land was eventually sold to the Canadian government is a land deal that was on par with the Louisiana Purchase.