Explain how can you improve your memory. Also, find 3 websites that address this question and explain what about these sites you liked.

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One way to improve your memory is to use spaced repetition. As a language teacher and learner, I have often employed this technique. Learning new vocabulary in a foreign language is fundamental to mastering it. However, thousands of words are needed to communicate. Acquiring vocabulary is gradually done by intermittent encounters with the target words. After the initial exposure to a new word, it is usually quickly forgotten. A second meeting with the same word results in a more lasting memory. Flashcards are a key part of spaced repetition. Today, flashcards are available online at Quizlet and other websites. Spaced repetition works for any academic subject.

Mnemonics is another great way to improve your memory. For instance, I use SPA (Think of three wise old men sitting in a spa!) as a way to remember the three giants of Greek philosophy in their chronological order: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Many students remember the five Great Lakes by using the popular mnemonic device HOMES. Word mnemonics like SPA and HOMES are the most popular type of this approach to memory improvement.

A third way to enhance your memory is to write things out by hand. In the past, my students have asked me for permission to take a photograph of the whiteboard after class. Although I may have reluctantly granted permission, I explained that taking a photo was not an effective way to remember the information covered in class.

In conclusion, spaced repetition, mnemonics, and writing by hand are all proven ways to boost your memory.

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