Explain how barriers to communicate may be overcome socially.

Expert Answers
jraineharrison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are multiple ways to overcome barriers to effective communication in a social setting. In healthcare, in particular, understanding the barriers and appropriate communication tools will assist in moving forward with effective communication.

First, both the speaker and the listener need to be actively involved in the communication. Moreover, each must recognize that more is being communicated than the spoken word or what is heard. Each member must respect the other's viewpoint, as well as understand their reference point and cultural perspective.

Second, each individual in the communication must recognize what their personal biases are in the scenario. Everyone brings their own past judgements and perceptions to a situation. Recognizing individual judgements and perceptions will help in better understanding other issues, such as cultural differences. 

Third, those communicating to each other should recognize other additional issues brought to the table. Those issues may involve information brought in from outside sources, or be the result of changed language from an interpreter, a lack of understanding of the issue, or the result of needing to add additional information to illuminate the conversation. For example, in a doctor-patient relationship, a doctor may use words or scenarios that a patient does not understand. On the other hand, a patient may be using a point of reference based on cultural, socioeconomic, or familial involvement.