Explain how the artist has power and give some examples of what tools an artist can utilize to exhibit that power.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The strength of the artist comes from the power of their own voice.  An artist who has something to say, a voice within their own mode of conception, represents power.  This voice could be a statement on a condition of life, a belief in or on something.  The artist can exhibit their power in a variety of ways, and most of it comes down to the mode of expression in their art.  Writing, sculpting, drawing, composing, or displaying are but few of many examples of exhibiting their power.  At the same time, the artist has power in their compulsion to express their voice or point of view, which might be the most elemental notion of power.  The artist in this position sees their power as the ability to articulate what can be or what should be as opposed to what is.

jentzfofanah | Student

Hi Vanessa19!  This is a fascinating question.  I am from a family of writers.  Anyway, in my opinion as well as from much book research and meeting of live artists, the artist has the power to unify the community he/she resides in.  Artists are sometimes not understood right away, but their words, paintings, and music etc. live on long after they leave a community.  They bring joy to the community and a sense of vision to improve that community.  Tools an artist can use to exhibit his/her power are surrounding himself/herself with hopeful art of any kind so that they can see light in the darkness.  Another tool of an artist must be living a balanced life which means eating and sleeping regularly and healthfully, and spending plenty of time exercising in nature.  The artist must care for their body and soul more than some others because the artist is more sensitive and because the artist has the job of seeing joy in the pain.  The other tool that the artist must utilize is finding true friends because the more people support the artist can find, the more strength the artist will have to create their art.

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Coral Shirin Jentz-Fofanah