Explain how American society has been impacted by the entry of women, minorities, and immigrant workers into labor force.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First of all, we must note that women, minorities, and immigrants have been in the labor force as long as our country has existed.  There are more women and minorities in the workforce today than in previous times (although there were times and places where the labor force was dominated by minorities), but there have been times when the immigrant population was higher than it is now.  That said, I will discuss the impact of these groups on our society today.

The increased presence of women in the work force has many impacts.  Perhaps most importantly, it makes it easier for women to act as the equals of men.  For example, it makes them more economically independent from men than they were in the past.  This allows women more freedom and, in the eyes of some, more dignity.  On the other hand, the presence of women in the work force also means that more children spend time in day care than in previous times.  Finally, the increase in working women allows our economy to be more productive and richer than it would be if women did not work.

The presence of minorities in an integrated work force also helps make minorities more nearly equal to whites.  When minorities hold good jobs, it is less likely that they will be seen as inferior to whites.  However, minorities in an integrated work force can also lead to some strains.  For example, some workplaces have trouble with cultural clashes and insensitive behavior towards minorities (this can happen with women and immigrants as well).

Immigrants in the workforce help to make the American economy stronger.  Their presence in the workforce also makes American society more diverse.  There are, however, those who fear that having large numbers of immigrants in America will change our society.  They fear that it will make American society less American and more like that of the immigrants’ countries of origin.