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'Explain' how Adrian Raine's psychological research (linked below) has been used to understand 'Murder (Homicide)'? Include :- ·          In ONE paragraph, an explanation of his (Adrian Raine's) psychological research (linked below).   ·          Also, refer to the research methods used, and how these enhance the understanding of 'Murder (Homicide)'. Adrian Raine's psychological research -

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Adrian Raine hypothesizes that it is possible to detect brain abnormalities in people who plea as guilty for reason of insanity. His research is based on the premise that there is a difference between normal brains in the amygdala, where emotions and sensations are regulated. For this reason, he claims that detecting such activity can explain differences in behavioral responses that could justify an insanity plea. The methodology that Adrian Raine used to identify the activity in the brain was PET scans used on a sample of 41 people who pleaded not guilty for reason of insanity and were accused of murder. The participants were matched by condition, and age, and were free of medication prior to using the PET scan. They were compared in terms of activity on the right and left hemispheres of the brain, in 14 areas, and within the part of the cerebral cortex which stimulates emotion). Although there were indeed some findings in the tests, Rain says that it cannot be assumed that biology alone is what makes humans prone to violence.

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