Explain how to adapt the planning step of the "Three-Step Process for Oral Presentations" by focusing on audience, electronic media, and organizing.

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Within this particular system of creating presentations, there are three steps:

  • plan
  • write
  • complete

The planning step is often considered the most important of the three. Your first step in the planning process is researching your audience. Some of the elements you want to research are:

  • Demographics: What are their ages? Genders? Ethnic and religious backgrounds? Socio-economic status? Levels of education? This information will enable you to relate the content of your presentation to the lives of the audience.
  • Rhetorical situation: Are they attending the presentation because they are interested in the topic? Because attending is required for a job or a class? Why might they be interested in the subject?
  • Relationship to the speaker: Is this an audience of friends? Colleagues? Fellow students? Strangers? 

Next, you should think about what sort of media are most appropriate to the audience. For example, would they respond best to a video or a slide show? Would they be most engaged by a traditional website or social media? 

Finally, as you organize your information, you should consider that you only have a few minutes to engage your audience before you lose their attention. thus it is important to put the key points of your presentation in a short executive summary at the beginning, and then present supporting information in a clear order next. 

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