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Explain how a community service organization that is using research results to implement changes to practice can ensure that the changes are made with as little disruption to the workplace as possible.

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Preventing disruption when making changes is difficult in any organization. There are several important things to remember when implementing these changes that will help smooth the transition.

First of all, time is an asset. The more time someone has to adapt to a change, the better the transition will be. For instance, if you are moving to new offices, tell the employees several months in advance so they can plan their commute, prepare their items for a move, etc.

Second, get feedback. Engaging with your employees or volunteers will help to simplify the transition, because there will be things that work well for them and things that don't. If you can get feedback from them and incorporate that into the transition, you can help the process greatly.

Finally, share your reasoning. If you share the research and your rationale for the changes, the workers will be more likely to accept them because they come to the same conclusion you have. If they buy in to the process, that investment will ensure that the transition is effective.

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