In terms of Loaves and Fishes, by Dorothy Day explain the "House of Hospitality."

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Dorothy Day, a journalist, co-founded the Catholic Worker Movement with Peter Maurin who inspired her and taught her his principles. The Catholic Worker Movement started out as a newspaper, called The Catholic Worker and became much more as farming communes or communities were set up and homes for the indigent and desperate, not necessarily Catholics, were opened and became known as houses of hospitality. Houses of hospitality now exist universally and have been set up by other faiths and denominations. 

The House of Hospitality is an account which appeared in The Catholic Worker in 1939, and relates the first five years of the movement and the establishment of the houses of hospitality and progress of the movement and pacifist ideals. Day wanted to do more than simply talk about the problems and her acts of mercy became her driving force. 

Her book, Loaves and Fishes, tells the story of her personal development and her pacifist views as she transformed herself and her radical views to better the lives of others.