Explain globalization.  What does it help to spread?

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Globalization is the spread of ideas, goods, and commerce, to name a few things, among the nations of the world. While these things have always spread through trade, sometimes across great distances, this process rapidly accelerated in the twentieth century (especially the later years) due to technology and the policies of many large nations. The globalization trend of the past half-century or so has solidified the connections between people in various corners of the world to the greatest extent in human history. To see what this looks like from the perspective of ordinary people, look at the tags in the clothing you are probably wearing right now. Chances are, they indicate that the garment was manufactured for an American clothing company in a factory or mill somewhere else in the world. In this case, the clothing manufacturer has taken its capital from the United States and invested in labor elsewhere, where costs are lower. This is globalization at work. Another example of globalization might be the expansion of American consumer culture around the world. If you fly to China and pick up a Coca-Cola product at the airport, you are seeing globalization at work. For another example, imagine if you worked for a German pharmaceuticals company that is located in the United States. Ultimately, globalization is the spread of capital, information, products, people, and natural resources around the world.