Explain the following: received , internal and electronic curriculum. What do you understand from it?

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Reading this question as a teacher, I am guessing that your professor actually wants to hear your thoughts on these three types of curriculum.  Part of growth and development as a teacher is coming to a personal understanding of your job as an educator.  I admit, knowing the difference between these types of curriculum may never come up once you are in the actual job, however, I do think it is important for you to attempt to answer the second part of your question on your own.

That said, perhaps hearing the definitions again, in different words, will aid your understanding.

  • received curriculum refers to the knowledge and understaning the students actually walk away with at the end of the lesson.  In a lesson plan, this is the part that asks, "What did my students actually learn?"  Received curriculum is measured by adequate and tailored forms of assessment.
  • internal curriculum could also be called "schema" or the prior knowledge of students that combines with current lessons to create understanding.  As a teacher, you want to tap into students' existing internal curriculum as best as possible because when new information is combined with prior knowledge, it is more likely that students will retain and apply the new information.
  • electronic curriculum is simply using forms of electronics within lessons.  Most often this is going to revolve around the use of the internet.  There are mixed opinions about the use of electronic curriculum in the classroom.  Arguably, some lessons utilize the internet better than others.  It cannot be ignored, however, that with our increasingly electronic society, teachers do their students a disservice to leave electronics completely out of their curriculum.
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