Explain five standards on the basis of which we evaluate theories.  

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A reasonable theory should be able to meet the criteria below.

  1. Theoretical scope – The wider the range of circumstances towards which a theory can be applied, the more useful the theory.
  2. Heuristic value- The heuristic value of a theory has to do with the amount of interest from others that a theory provokes. A good theory will provoke other scientists to continue research on a topic.
  3. Validity – Validity refers to how well a test measures what it set out to measure.
  4. Consistency- A theory should express both internal and external consistency. Internal consistency means that the ideas of a theory build upon one another. External consistency means that the ideas within a theory coincide with the ideas presented in other theories.
  5. Parsimony- Parsimony refers to the simplicity with which a theory describes a phenomenon.
  6. Testability- Scientists should be able to test a theory’s claims and accuracy. 

Ok, so this was SIX criteria! I am sure there are others as well. I hope this helps!

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