Explain the end of "he-y, come on out!'  i.e a small pebble skimmed by him and fell on past.

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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Japanese science fiction story, “He-y Come On Ou-t,” by Shinichi Hoshi is an allegory. It’s an allegory meant to show how taking something so critically important--like the environment for granted can have disastrous consequences. The concept NIMBY or “not in my backyard” clearly addresses the attitude of the villagers. They didn’t want the items they threw in the hole polluting their village, and they didn’t care what kind of awful things were being thrown in the hole because it didn’t affect them--or so they thought. The pebble that came falling past the villager, was the first pebble thrown into the hole by the villagers. They don’t realize it yet, but their sinful disregard is about to be revisited upon them.


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