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explain each in terms of natural selection 1.convergent evolution and the similarities among species in a particular biome. 2. insecticide resistance 3.speciation and isolation 4.heterozygote advantage

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Convergent evolution is the same biological trait in two species derived from different ancestry, within a biome. If that trait provides an advantage to the organism, it would be fit and could potentially reproduce and pass it down to offspring. It could also be called an analogous trait. For example, a bird has a wing and a butterfly has a wing however, bird wings contain bones and muscle and butterfly wings are more membranous. Although both can fly, their traits were not arrived at from common ancestry. Insecticide resistance is due to the fact that not all individuals in a species are exactly alike, according to the natural selection theory and due to pressure in the environment, for example, an insecticide, those with the best adaptations will live and...

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